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Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World done at Dezire Clinic Pune

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Real Hair Transplant Results done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Many men’s and women’s experiencing hair loss problem. Hair transplant surgery is performed by highly qualified, skilled, and experienced physician is an effective and safe way to restore your hairs in natural looking state and desired result. During hair transplant procedure the surgeon will remove the donor tissue from back of your head scalp. Actually, the hair transplant procedure is the team efforts what makes it possible to perform large session which place thousands of grafts in a single procedure.

Best hair transplantation surgery in pune done at Dezire Clinic, Pune. Dr. Prashant Yadav and his team performs hair transplant surgery excellently. He is an Indian Board Certified Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon.

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After consultation with our surgeon Dr. Prashant Yadav, you will know whether you are candidate for hair transplant surgery or not. At Dezire Clinic of Pune, we evaluate each hair loss patient with an advanced methodology, by performing depth scalp examination using diagnostic tools, with this overall information we determines the cause of hair loss and better treatment options.


To know the fue cost per graft in pune please fill the form on www.hair-transplant-pune.com/cost-calculator/ & mail your Bald area pictures to our email address.


Animesh Dubey 2500 fue

This is my first review I have officially written. I’m not here to praise Doctor Prashant Yadav as much as I am here for the person that is reading these reviews for a specific reason. That i, you are thinking of having a procedure. I wish I could grasp in words how much of a difference Doctor Prashant Yadav has made to my life. He is truly one of the best in the world, and you can ask the best doctors in the world and they will share that same fact. Doctor Prashant Yadav focus to detail and realistic approach, show just from the first time you meet him. I found comfort that he was more focused on his work than taking my money. Its rare to find someone who stands by their work the way he does and it gave me so much hope. It’s not cheap, but it is SO WORTH IT. If having your hair back is a priority in your life, There is not a better doctor that I would have gone to. He has radically changed the way I feel and see myself. I go out more and that includes dates as well! One of the best decisions I have ever made. Watch his YOUTUBE videos! That is what made me a believer

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Best Hair Transplant Surgeons In The World done at Dezire Clinic Pune
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