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BIO FUE Hair Transplantation

Like other hair implantation procedure BIO FUE is also an important method of hair transplantation that is widely used by doctors all around the world. Fue in India uses advanced technologies for the transplantations. BIO FUE is similar to FUE technique the only difference is that it uses much advanced technique that leads to speedy healing and increase of yield of transplanted hairs.

BIO FUE is the method that is used to improve traditional version of fue hair transplantation. In FUE individual grafts are extracted and transplanted in the recipient area whereas in BIO FUE other than the normal Fue method with the graft factor a serum is also implanted for strengthening of follicles and increasing of growth rate.

What is BIO fue hair transplant surgery?

Like that in Fue in BIO FUE hair transplantation, individual hair follicular units are taken from the donor area and injected to the recipient or bald areas. Other than the grafts FUE regenerative cells from blood is infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and growth of transacted hair and then transplanted.

The procedure provided by Fue hair transplants in Delhi uses latest instrumentation & best fue doctors to get optimum results. BIO FUE yields great results with less post operative pain and scars.

What is the procedure of BIO fue hair transplant surgery?


Fue hair clinics in Delhi adopt best and advanced practices for the procedure of the BIO transplantation that includes:

  • Analyzing the need of the patient and motive of the treatment.
  • After the motive is analyzed the regenerative cells from one’s own blood is infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and growth of transacted hair.
  • All follicular units are then left for increasing the yield of follicular units.
  • Finally the enriched cells are injected in the area.

What are the advantages of BIO FUE?

  • BIO FUE which is similar to traditional FUE uses much more advanced technologies as compared to FUE.
  • It ensures faster healing and increase in growth of follicular units.
  • It is an advanced technique which is stitch less and painless.
  • It improves the quality and aesthetic density of existing non transplanted hair.
  • It strengthens the follicles ensuring long and healthy growth.

Are you a suitable candidate for BIO FUE surgery?

Best Candidates for Bio FUE are:

  • Those who need short and natural hair.
  • Those who do not wish to get a linear scar after the procedure.
  • Those who do not have sufficient supply or efficient growth for donor.

What is the fue cost in India?

The fue cost India is different for different FUE clinics so as to know about the exact cost of BIO FUE hair transplantation you can directly schedule a session with the doctors of Dezire.


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