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Female Hair Regrowth done at Dezire Clinic Pune

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Hair Loss In Women Treatment done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Female Hair Regrowth done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Not every woman suffers from hair loss, but unfortunately some of the women’s has hair fall or hair loss problem. In female pattern baldness the donor area usually unstable. They are thinning like other area of head. The procedure of female hair transplant is same as the male hair transplant- hair is taken from donor area, so using the strip method and it is replaced into the thinning hair area. Female hair regrowth surgery is effective and permanent.

Dezire clinic is specialist in hair transplant in pune. Our clients results are very positive and real. Dezire clinic provides the best hair transplant techniques. Our before and after pictures in this gallery can show you the desired outcome of hair transplant.

To know more about female hair regrowth please visit at Dezire Clinic, Pune. Consultation is absolutely free of cost.

To know the hair transplant graft cost in pune treatment please fill the form on www.hair-transplant-pune.com/cost-calculator/ & mail your Bald area pictures to our email address.


Kalyani Joshi 1500 fue

I am really glad I chose to go here for my second hair transplant 2 weeks ago. Although my first HT I got in AZ came out great, I should have gone to Dezire Clinic for both procedures. I am pretty lucky to have the best HT surgeons in the world just two hours away. I really enjoyed meeting the legendary Doctor Prashant Yadav and his friendly surgical team. They made me feel at home right from the beginning. It’s nice to have humor and friendliness in a sterile environment :) It was crazy to meet the other patients visiting from all over the world too when they were coming to the office for their shampooing. Unlike last time, my recipient area is already healed at 2 weeks, and my scar looks to be much thinner than the original one that Doctor Prashant Yadav removed for me. These are very promising signs. I also really appreciate how Doctor Prashant Yadav has stayed in contact with me via WhatsApp. It’s nice to know you have the world’s best surgeon just a text away…..

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Female Hair Regrowth done at Dezire Clinic Pune
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