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About FUE Procedure

FUE that is also popularly known as Follicular unit extraction is a method of extracting hair in the form of follicular unit from the donor area with the help of specialized instruments. As to carry out FUE Hair implant method small, circular incision is made around the skin of follicular unit so as to separate it from the surrounding tissues.

FUE is an advanced hair transplantation procedure. This hair implant procedure can serve as an important alternative to traditional hair transplantation for certain patients. FUE is often selected by both patients and surgeon because of avoidance of linear scar. It is an improved procedure that is painless. Other than the hair scalp FUE can also be used to transplant hair to chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, face, and beard.

Advantages of FUE with Dezire

FUE technique for hair transplant is one of the best hair transplantation procedures that are suggested by the hair doctors because it has various advantages as compared to other hair transplantations. Once you go for FUE at Dezire you will realize that it is one of the best fue hair transplants in Delhi. The advantages are:

  • There is no linear scar in the procedure and no stitches are required in FUE.
  • Recovery of donor area in FUE is very fast and thus it will appear to be unchanged in few days.
  • The result of FUE hair implant at Dezire is permanent.
  • One can get natural looking hairs with FUE hair transplantation.
  • FUE at Dezire is performed with latest and advanced technology
  • The procedure is carried out with maximum ease of the patient at the clinic.

Actual procedure of the FUE:

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  • First step involves preparing of the donor area by the surgeon for the FUE hair implant.
  • The hair grafts are than extracted and harvested to thearea with specialized technique. The expert team looks after the complete procedure.
  • FUE technique for hair transplant is an advanced procedure as compared to other technique and require very less recovery time as the left behind incision heals in few days also no scars are made thus no recovery is needed.
  • In almost all cases no pain or after side effect are observed.


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