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Hair Bonding v/s Hair Transplant

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Hair Bonding v/s Hair Transplant

Hair Bonding v/s Hair TransplantHairs are as important as other body parts. Hair enhances personality and makes you look good. Long and shinny hair is like an extra ornament for a women and for men good hairs contributes a lot to their personality. Hair loss creates distress and people searches for alternative to get rid of such problems. There are several techniques with which hair loss problem and baldness can be eliminated.
The treatment of hair loss problem and baldness can be hair transplantation and hair bonding. Both hair bonding and hair transplantation are solutions to hair problems but it is very necessary to select the best hair loss solution for permanent and natural results.

Hair Bonding V/S Hair Transplantation in Pune | Dezire Clinic Pune

What is hair bonding?

Hair bonding is a non surgical treatment for adding extra hairs to the roots of hair. It is a method of applying hair extensions through glue. The hair attached through hair bonding is usually made of synthetic fiber and it can be affixed to the scalp using a number of hair bonding techniques. Hair bonding is done to achieve extra length, fullness, and volume to hairs. With hair bonding any colour, length and texture of hair can be done.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is rather a surgical process for transplanting of hairs from hair bearing area to balding area. This specialized procedure is carried out with advanced technology and by experienced doctor. In this procedure hairs are extracted from the areas where there are permanent hair growth using specialized instruments and then the bald area is given local anesthesia and then with another specialized instruments the extracted hair are then implanted to bald areas. After sometimes it starts growing like normal hairs.

Hair bonding v/s hair transplantation

The hair specialist at Dezire suggests that rather than going for hair bonding in Pune a hair loss patient should opt for hair transplantation procedure it is because of its several advantages.

  • Hair bonding is a temporary solution to obtain hairs whereas hair transplantation is performed to obtain permanent hair growth.
  • Hair bonding is adding of artificial hair to add style, colour etc to hairs whereas with hair transplantation natural hair growth can be achieved because hair implanted in hair transplantation are the natural growing hairs.
  • Bonded hair is good for temporary use as it is not that comfortable and after some time it becomes intolerable but the transplanted hairs are natural growing hairs that are as comfortable as your actual hairs.
  • Used for longer period of time it starts falling from roots and creates baldness but hair transplantation gives lifetime results.
  • In some cases the bonding does not suits the face and that is because this are artificial hairs but the hair transplantation is carried out after analyzing the face structure thus its will suit the face.
  • The worst part of hair bonding is that it will always look unreal and that is because the hairs are artificial and they will always look different from the original hair but the hair transplanted are the real hairs and no one will ever be able to distinguish between the original and transplanted hairs.
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Hair Bonding v/s Hair Transplant
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