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Hair Lace System

Hair Lace System

Balding and hair loss is a major phenomenon which is not among men only but also women.Because of this condition, many people lose their self-esteem. Wearing the wig is not a comfortable option because of its existence is clearly visible, so Hair Lace system is the best solution to cover your bald area of your head.

Hair Lace is one of the most undetectable, lightweight and transparent option used in hair replacement systems. This system is made up of the base which is custom made to suit the patient’s requirement and skin tone and the balding area.

Hair Lace system creates an illusion of hair growing naturally from the scalp. Hair lace is very light in weight to use and also easy to tape and clean.The lace becomes totally invisible after placing against the skin and therefore it increases the appearance of your natural hairline and scalp. The lace is coloured like the natural skin which allows you to create any hairstyle.

Why Hair Lace System is best?

The best thing about hair lace system is that it allows your skin to breathe within the skin of the base which avoids sweaty scalps, discomfort, itchiness associated with a wig. It does not damage or harm the natural surrounding hairs.

It provides the look and feels of a natural hair. It helps to bring about a dramatic change in balding person’s life and also helps to restore their lost confidence.

Advantages of Hair Lace System:

  • Non-surgical, non-invasive
  • Gives a 100% natural look
  • Can well maintained even at home
  • Undetectable pleating
  • Fits perfectly with tape or liquid
  • No chances of infection
  • Very low maintenance cost