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Hair Loss

What is Hair Loss ?

hairloss_img2Hair loss is a common problem these days. Every other person is suffering from hair loss problem. Once you start losing hair you notice difference in your looks and personality. All this leads to loosing of confidence. People who face hair loss problem often desire to go for hair treatments. Whether it is a male or a female every one faces hair loss problem. Many types of hair loss treatments are available for such problems but the best hair fall treatment is provided in Delhi.

For hair loss treatments it is very necessary to stop hair fall because once you will start losing your hairs then soon you will go bald. After fixed interval hair falls from the hair follicles the hair loss problem occurs when after falling of hairs new hairs do not grow at the same ratio. Before you go bald completely you must go for the hair fall treatment.

Common reason for male pattern baldness and hair fall

There can be various reasons for hair loss in male. Because of which many males start losing hair from their scalp which makes them bald. Causes can be due to genetic problems or aging process. It can also be because of deficiency of essential nutrition in diet like vitamin, protein etc. Some go bald due to parental inheritance and some because of medical ill effects. However it is sometimes because of Alopecia, thyroid disease etc. Whether it is due to any reason the hair loss treatment is possible. Hair loss treatment in Delhi is the best treatment for hair loss.

Reason for female pattern baldness and hair fall

The hair loss problem is a common problem and so is its reason. Women also face this problem reason can be genetic disorder or parental inheritance, nutritional deficiency etc. Some of the reasons can be hair loss due to pregnancy or menopause.


There are various types of hair loss treatment available some of which are:

  • PRP/Stem Cell treatment:  PRP that is also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. It is a therapy option for both male and female patients. In this procedure one’s own blood is taken out and then left over, once it is mature it is inserted into the bald area of the scalp which then gives normal hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is a hair treatment choice obtained by both males and females who are suffering from hair loss problem. This includes injecting vitamin boost in the hair scalp which then allows nourishment and growth of hair
  • Medications – Depending upon the cause of the hair loss in male and female medication are suggested by the hair doctors for the hair problems. Few medication are:
    • Minoxidil – Often minoxidil are suggested as a spray or as scrubber to hair by the doctors for hair treatment.
    • Finasteride – Finasteride is available only after the prescription by the doctor and it is suggested as a pill or medicine by the doctor for cure of the hair loss.
    • Biotin – Biotin is suggested for hair loss recovery. It is often taken as an oral medicine.

Hair restoration treatment

Hair restoration treatment is done to restore the lost hair. In such condition various treatments are done to re-establish the hairs at the lost area. After the treatment is done the restored hair looks exactly like that of the original hairs. Best hair loss clinic in Delhi are famous for hair restoration treatments.

Hair transplant – treatment for baldness

Hair transplant is the best treatment for baldness. Hair transplant is a procedure in which hairs follicles are extracted and is transplanted to the bald area of the hair scalp. Hair transplant is a process that can be opted by both males and females.

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Hair Loss
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