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Hair Reconstruction done at Dezire Clinic Pune

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Real Hair Transplant Results done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Hair Reconstruction done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Hair reconstruction usually involves one of two approaches to rebuild the natural appearance of hairs. First option is surgical approach which involves transplanting individual hairs from donor area to restoration area (Thinning area or balding area). The second option is Non-surgical approach, it involves utilizing prescription hair loss medications.

Hair Reconstruction- Am I a Candidate?

If you are the candidate for hair reconstruction, there are a variety of surgical and non-surgical hair transplant treatment options in pune are available. In men, hair restoration usually involves around restoring hairs to the crown and hairline. But there are some factors for surgeon to take in account when rebuild either area.

The hairline requires awareness of following factors:

  1. Hairline Position
  2. Hairline Shape
  3. Hairline Density
  4. Hairline Structure

At Dezire Clinic, we try to give our patients the safest, most comfortable experience. In our clinic we offering our patients most discomfort, minimal downtime, no scar, no stiches also. Dezire uses latest technology to provide patients with natural looking hair transplantation outcome. Our highly trained, experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Prashant Yadav and other staff excellently perform hair transplant surgery cost. Hair loss can affect both male and women.

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Heard of them through friends and they came highly recomended . I must say that i was NOT dissapointed as i found them to be highly professional during the surgery and the post surgery procedure. They are very friendly n highly skilled at what they do. I will definately recommend them if you want a professional abd safe hair transplant. Very satisfied indeed. A big thank you for the whole team!

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Hair Reconstruction done at Dezire Clinic Pune
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