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Hair Surgery Options done at Dezire Clinic Pune

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Real Hair Transplant Results done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Hair Surgery Options done at Dezire Clinic Pune

Usually, hair surgery procedure involves by moving scalp hair and hair follicles. In this process of hair transplantation moves your growing hair follicles, from the back of the head, to bald areas for natural looking results. Depending on the number of your hair loss, it is harvested and place into area where hair loss. The part from where the follicles are taken is called as “Donor” side, and the part where hairs implanted called as “recipient” side. Hair transplantation surgery in pune is done under the local anesthesia and one day out-patient procedure. Generally, this surgery takes 6-10 hours.

To know the average cost of fue hair transplant in pune please fill the form on www.hair-transplant-pune.com/cost-calculator/ & mail your Bald area pictures to our email address.


Ali Azgar 4000 fue

I absolutely and without question recommend Doctor Prashant Yadav and his staff to anyone considering a procedure.  There is in my opinion and experience with other clinics NO ONE as talented and genuinely caring of his patients as Dezire Clinic.  My procedure was a HUGE decision for me and the overall experience was overwhelming to say the least, but the doctor’s demeanor and bedside manner did wonders to immediately put me at ease and convince me that I was in good hands.  He’s by far the nicest guy you could meet and a truely gifted professional.  I have a long way to go still, before I regain any of the confidence I had before I started losing my hair (around my early 20s, lucky me); my procedure, while having had a noticeable effect, was not as transformative as I would have hoped.  I want to stress that this is in NO WAY indicative of the good Doctor Prashant Yadav care and skill (which is masterful) but solely due, I’m sure, to individual results.  I was also limited by budget and could therefore only have so much work done during my visit.  So, in the end, I did not achieve the density in the transplant area that I was hoping for and it’s also gotten quite a bit thinner now, a few years later. But, I would without question go back for a touch up and to fill in my crown area, if the opportunity arose for me financially.  I have no doubt that I could eventually get the head of hair I want with Doctor Prashant Yadav help and again, I would whole heartedly recommend him to ANYONE suffering hair loss.  I’d give him six stars, if I could.

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Hair Surgery Options done at Dezire Clinic Pune
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