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Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant ?

dezireimage2You have always tried to give a new look to your hair. Good hair symbolizes good looks. When you have a good hairstyle you will be said to have a good personality. For getting attractive hairstyle you often try washing, styling, and trimming. Many of us also visit barber or stylist for getting best hair looks but what if someone do not have hairs to give it a new look or a stylish hairstyle. This people always find one or the other solution to get back their full grown hair.

The hair transplantation surgeries done at our hair care clinic is advanced yet very simple. At the time of such surgeries that are done for restoring hairs of male or female pattern baldness local anesthesia is given to patient. Maximum 10 hours are required for such transplantation. Performed under specialized surgeon and team this procedure involves extraction of follicular unit grafts from other part of scalp that has full growth.

These grafts are than implanted into bald areas through special techniques. Doctors assure that these procedures are carried out safely and without any injury. With advanced technology of hair transplantation, hair specialists are now able to create natural hairlines that result in shiny and fluffy hairs. The best part is that the transplanted hairs look exactly similar to your natural hairs.

This day’s people with no hair or less hair often go for hair transplantation. It is because of increase in awareness that the ratio of males and females going for hair transplantation has increased when compared to previous years. Techniques used for such transplants are very advanced such that with this technique permanently lost hair can also be restored safely. Other than this one can also go for replace or re shape of hairline. All this techniques of restoration can now be done with your own natural growing hair.

How much time is required for the operation and how much pain is to be suffered ?

Hair transplantation is an easy process that gets completed in 6 to 10 hours thus no stay is required in the hospital. At the time of the procedure patient is given anesthesia so that patients do not suffer with any pain thus the actual hair transplantation is a painless process. In very few cases patient has certain types of after procedure problem that can be treated with medications.

What is the recovery period of the hair transplant treatment ?

Most people are able to return to work in two to five days after the surgery but some who still face uneasiness or pain are treated with antibiotics, drugs and medication. One with the treatment is also advised to take certain after procedure precautions. The growth is visible in 1 month which may vary to 6 or 9 months as per patient’s treatment.

Am I a candidate for hair transplantation ?

If you have any confusion or queries regarding the hair transplantation and your suitability for the procedure you can contact our experts at the clinic. Anyone who is suffering with baldness can go for such transplantation. The patient must have hairs at back or at side of scalp for donating it to bald areas.


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Hair Transplant
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