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Hair weaving v/s Hair transplant

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Hair weaving v/s Hair transplant

Hair is a priceless gift given by god to mankind. It is something that contributes a lot to beauty and looks for both men and women. For women it is a like an ornament that demonstrate beauty and for men it contributes to their personality. Loosing of some hair is normal as it is a part of hair life cycle but excess hair fall is surely a problem. Due to several reasons like prevailing environmental conditions, unhealthy diet, hereditary problem and several other causes hair fall occurs. The excess hair fall creates receding hair line and baldness that creates stress in a human. This stress creates mental tension and people search for one or other alternatives to get rid of this problems. There are many alternatives that can help you say goodbye to hair loss problems. This may includes both surgical and non surgical hair replacement options, both hair replacement and hair transplantation options. Hair loss patients selects from options like hair wigs, hair bonding, lace system, hair weaving and hair transplantation etc.

Hair Weaving V/S Hair Transplantation in Pune | Dezire Clinic Pune Know what the difference between Hair Weaving & hair transplant is and which solution you must select for your hair loss treatment in Pune.

What is hair weaving?

With the changing trend of fashion and style hair weaving is often the selected option for hair loss problems. Hair weaving is an artificial hair replacement alternative that eliminates the hair problem and adds up style to your hairs. Hair weaving is applying of artificial hair to the bald areas or thinning areas. These are artificial hair attachments that it is woven into one’s natural hair or is integrated through clips or attachment to make the existing hair look longer and fuller. Other than giving growth to existing hair it is often also used to create a certain hairstyle like to make it straight, wavy or curly or add different hair colours. Hair weaving in Pune involves adding of hair extensions so as to obtain extended or styled hairs. It is a temporary solution for hair loss problems.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a more advanced procedure that can include methods like FUE, FUT, PRP etc to add growth to bald areas or thinning areas. It is a permanent solution to obtain full grown, natural hairs. Transplantation is a surgical process in which individual hair follicles are extracted from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ that is the hair bearing area and then is implanted to ‘recipient site’ that is the bald area or thin hair area of the body. The hair is extracted from the natural growing area so that after implanting it starts growing naturally.

Why to choose hair transplantation over hair weaving?

One should go for hair transplantation over hair weaving because:

  • Though hair weaving gives instant result but it can never be trusted for giving permanent results because used for long time it harms the existing hair and thus creating further baldness. To obtain permanent hairs after the procedure one should opt for transplantation as hair weaving is just a temporary solution.
  • Hair bonding is adding of artificial hair to add style, colour etc to hairs whereas with hair transplantation natural hair growth can be achieved because hair implanted in hair transplantation are the natural growing hairs.
  • After hair weaving the hairs requires regular maintenance and the patient need to regularly go for follow up visit for cleaning and maintenance but the care involved in transplanted hair is only till full growth of hair is achieved.
  • The hair with hair weaving remains as it is as they are artificial hair and they will never grow like natural but the hairs after the hair transplantation can be combed, styled, cut like the normal hairs.
  • Hair weaves last for less time because if used for prolong it start damaging the existing hair and its continuous use can damage the area so badly that even the patient will not be able to opt for hair transplantation further it is because donor area get damage gradually such that the person no more fit for hair transplant but with transplantation the implanted and the donor area receives normal growth in few weeks.
  • In hair weaving hair are implanted using clippers and the area with clipper get damage due to constant traction effect of the  clippers and after some period the hair roots of this areas weakens creating further bald patches but in hair transplantation the stitches and marks heals giving normal growth to the bald areas.
  • Artificial hair implanted in hair weaving deprive the scalp with exact nutrition and thus existing areas get thin and roots get permanently lost.

We suggest obtaining hair transplantation rather than hair weaving for permanent and natural hair. To know hair weaving cost in Pune contact hair specialist at Dezire. Our experts also provide great hair transplantation with advanced technology and skills for achieving best hair results. We suggest going for hair transplantation rather than hair weaving for betterment of patient.

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Hair weaving v/s Hair transplant
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