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Hair Wigs Pune

Hair Transplant Pune / Hair Wigs Pune

Hair Wigs Pune

Hair wig is a great option for those who suffer from irreversible baldness problem and have a huge balding area or those who want very dense hair can choose this excellent option of Revolutionary Hair System which is called as Hair Wigs. This system can give you an absolutely natural look.Hair wigs are just like your own hairs and you can be curled, straightened, and blow dried with any heating appliances.You can change your hairstyle even wearing the hair wig.

The system of Hair wigs has two parts:

  • Derma base
  • Human Hair

Derma base

The derma base hair wigs have its unique property of being really special and feellike your own skin. It is permeable in nature so it allows the scalp to breathe by allowing a soft or smooth passage of sweat to and from between the scalp and the external environment.

Derma base is light in weight to carry and can be removed. It is easy to use and requires really low maintenance.

The derma base can be attached with the scalp in various ways

There are 3 ways of attaching the hair wigs to the scalp:

  1. Clip

If you chose this option it allows you to remove the Hair wigs whenever you need it.

  1. Tape

When you choose tape option, it is skin friendly and they are last for few days.

  1. Surgical solution

The Surgical solution which is called as Glue, it is useful for long-term attachments which can last for few weeks.

Human Hair

The hairs which are used in Hair wigs are resistant to the heat, water, and the chemicals, so you can brush, shampoo, perm and colour them like your own or natural hair.

These hairs are nothing but the human hair which is chemically treated to remove the superficial cuticular layer so that the knotting can be reduced to a great extent.

The advantage of using the Human Hair in the system is that it gives you a completly natural look and feel and these hairs will be matched with the person’s hair colour and texture.

Irreversible baldness problems can never be taken easily as more than the health issue it causes Body Dysmorphic Disorder which leads to the destruction of the self-image, prestige and the confidence as hair is one the most visible part of the body and has got the aesthetic value as well.