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Hair Transplant In Pune

Select Dezire to get the best solution for hair fall, male and female pattern baldness and natural hair restoration. With best hair specialist in Pune at Dezire you can get the treatments with which you can gain back your lost confidence. With various advanced treatments at the clinic you can improve your looks and personality. Dezire has top class experienced doctor who have many years experience in all the hair loss treatment like FUE hair transplant, BIOFUE, PRP etc. Dezire has been yielding many successful results in both surgical and non-surgical procedures of hair loss. Any patient coming to the clinic is treated with complete care by the doctors and the trained supporting staff. Satisfaction of the patient is the main motive of team of Dezire and so as to yield desired result from every treatment patient and its needs is properly analyzed by the doctor before the treatment. The clinic is well equipped with advanced equipment’s and technology so as to eliminate any hair problem in both men and women.

Achieving Desired results

We believe in achieving maximum result with our treatments. Whether it is any type of hair treatment patient satisfaction is our main motive. For this patient need from the treatment is properly analyzed before the treatment and then doctor work to achieve that need to maximum.

Safety and security

Safety of patient is our concern. Every patient is treated with complete care just like he is at home. We perform all treatments with total care and comfort. All treatments are done under highly experienced supervision and we assure that they are completely safe and trustable.


We keep all the information of the patient coming to us confidently safe. Every patient at our clinic is treated in a highly professional manner and we promise that data regarding their treatments etc will be kept secured only to us.

Professional treatments

We perform all procedures with advanced technologies so that best results can be yielded. All our treatments are based on standardized international norms. Treatments at the clinic are performed by trained team of staff and qualified doctors with highest hygienic and care.

Our Success Stories

We understand that hair loss is a problem and thus we treat every hair loss patient with complete care. The doctors and supporting staff at the clinic are so cooperative that every patient returns with a smile. Every patient is treated by experienced doctor with advanced skills and so patient always has a great review about Dezire.

The doctors and the clinic deserve true recommendation for their services and treatment. The doctors are highly experienced and the staff is very supportive and caring. I felt just like my home at the clinic. The clinic is best for any sort of hair treatment.

I am highly satisfied with the Alopecia hair treatment I took at Dezire. It is just few weeks and I have start noticing positive results of the treatment. I have started receiving my natural hairs and I can say with complete confidence that the clinic is best.

Dezire is great clinic for all those who are suffering from hair loss problem. When you will visit the clinic and will talk to the doctors your all tension related to hair problem will vanish in minutes. They treat so well that you feel comfortable all time at the treatment and with best result you will feel relax and happy.


Dr Prashant Yadav

(M.S., M.Ch. Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Prashant Yadav, a Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon did his MBBS from premier institute KMC Mangalore and post graduation (M.S. General Surgery) and Superspecialisation (M.Ch. Plastic Surgery) from Asia’s largest hospital and institute B.J.M.C & Civil Hospital Ahemdabad.

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Welcome to Dezire Clinic

Dezire is famous for providing best hair transplant in Pune. With many successful clinics in all parts of India including Pune, Dezire is famous for its top class facilities that are provided by professional and experienced doctors and highly trained supporting staff. With ultimate services in both surgical and non-surgical hair treatments Dezire is a well trusted name for Hair Transplant, aesthetic laser procedures, hair restoration procedures etc. the patient at the clinic are treated with advanced technology and with complete care and hygiene. Dezire is so good that patient enjoys a great sense of comfort and satisfaction at the clinic.

Hair Transplant Overview

Hair transplantation is a process performed to get back lost hairs. This treatment is done to restore hair at bald areas. The results of such hair treatment at Dezire are so successful that it yields permanent results.

Hair Regrowth

This is a process that deals in restoring of completely lost hairs with advanced technologies. Dezire provides various techniques and treatments for Hair Re-growth. With this one can gain back permanent hairs.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is term that can be directly referred as baldness or thinning of hairs. Dezire provides best hair loss treatments for both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.


Alopecia Areata is a basically an autoimmune disease that results to excess hair loss or baldness at head scalp and other body parts. This is a hair loss condition that may also leads to mental problems. With Dezire alopecia treatment you can say no to such problems.

Why Dezire For Hair Transplant

Dezire is a famous name for best hair transplant treatments. The doctors at the clinic are knowledgable and have many years experience in the field. The clinic has all advanced technology that is required for these treatments. The clinic has well trained staff that serves with best hospitality at the clinic.

Dense Packing
Artistic Hairline
Grafts In A Day
Transforming Result
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    Dense Packing

    The doctors at the clinic do hair transplantation with the concept of Dense packaging such that the transplanted hairs are so densely packed during the transplantation that they look exactly like real hairs. With this technique extra density is given to hairs.

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    Artistic Hairline

    An artistic hairline is decided before the hair transplantation so that the transplanted hair suits your face. In this technique your face size, shape and looks are thoroughly judged by the doctors and then transplantation is done in a manner that it will increase your looks over face.
  • fue

    Mega-Session FUE

    With the advanced technique of FUE our team of doctors can provide Mega session FUE. With this necessity of multiple session for transplantation reduces and natural results can be assured in single sitting itself. With Mega FUE it is possible to extract more than 4000 grafts in a day. All this extracted grafts are implanted using no root touch technique so that maximum coverage with effective results can be achieved..
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    Transforming Result

    Achieving what exactly patients desire is the main motive of doctors. Thus to achieve excellent outcomes and maximum satisfaction all procedures are performed with advanced technology. The doctors work to achieve full grown natural looking hairs.


Whether it is any member of Dezire, A doctor, a technician, supporting staff, administration department all are well versed with the part of their task. They are highly experienced and work together to achieve happiness and satisfaction of patient.

The treatments at the clinic are provided by experienced doctor – Dr Prashant Yadav (M.S., M.Ch, Plastic surgery ) and Dr Hema Yadav , (MBBS, Certified trichologist and Surgeon ), specialist in FUE Technique.

Dr Prashant is Indian board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon and is guiding the team of specialist doctors for hair transplant. Clinic is ISO -9000:2008 Certified. Doctors are affiliated to well recognized hair transplant society like ISHRS (USA) , AHRS, WTS etc. We have selected the best equipment and technology for consistent and excellent results. One of the few centers in the world who can do megasession of 4000 FUE grafts in one day.

Dezire has the best supportive staff that looks after each patient to minimize the fear of any procedure. We have dedicated and in house team of fue specialist technician and the staff which are well experienced in hair transplant surgery field. We constantly upgrade ourselves to achieve the expectation of each patient.

Hair Transplant Procedure

All the hair transplant procedures at Dezire are performed with advanced technology by the high class experienced doctor. All this procedures are done with a motive to achieve full grown hair that look natural. The team at clinic is highly skilled and the environment is healthy & friendly.

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