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Patient’s testimonial


“I started losing my scalp hair when I was 19 and by the time I was 34, all I had was traces of hair at the two sides of my scalp, giving me a 64 year old look that only kept me frustrated. Then I came across Dr. Prasant Yadav’s clinic and everything changed. In him I got someone who imparted a lot of confidence and explained what hair restoration service is like. The process was long but cost effective and after 5 months, I have a scalp full of hair that makes me look even younger than I am. Thanks Dr. Yadav – you are a genius!

Ranjeeth V. – Shaniwar Peth, Pune

“I want to thank Mr. Yadav for his enormous contribution in changing my looks. I hardly had any beards my friends used to heckle me in college and in my community as I grew up. But he did a fantastic beard transplantation and I now look as normal as any other guy in my locality. Thanks you a lot Mr. Yadav! And his treatment has been so informal that it gives you a lot of confident!”

Asif Sheik – NCL Colony, Pashan, Pune

“I never thought I will ever have hairs after I suffered from typhoid and used to suffer from frustration. But when my friend got me the numbers of Dr. Yadav, my world changed after just one appointment. He has input a lot of confidence and the process FUE Hair transplant process he followed was amazing. It wasn’t painful though was somewhat time consuming. And the assistance I got was amazing! All the best to Dr. Yadav for future.”

Sushant K. Bandal – Kothrud, Pune

“I had met an accident and lost a patch of hair from the back of my skull as well as my left eyebrow that gave me a horrible look. Thanks to Dr, Yadav, I am absolutely normal now. What a wonderful service. Thanks a lot to him. I would surely recommend his services to my friends and family.”

Chandan Barne – Thergaon, Pune

Hi, this is Mayank, I had to undergo hair transplantation 2 years back. The hairs of my scalp are growing normally and well, and things are perfectly normal. I am more than satisfied by the treatment provided by Dr. Yadav and the service he provided. I will remain in touch with you for future assistance. Thanks doctor.

Mayank Phatela – Bhoisar, Palghar, Thane district