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Hair fall treatment

Hair Treatments In Pune

Hair Fall Specialist in Pune

Best Treatment for Hair Fall in Pune - Effective Hair Loss Treatment with best resultsPeople do suffer with hair problem at the age of 50 and above but sometimes when hair fall starts at an early age of 30 -35 it creates a problem. If a person losses more than 100 hairs per day that it is an alarming sign that require treatment at the initial stage only .. Often people who suffer from hair fall problem ignore the problem and do not consult a doctor but in such cases consulting a hair fall specialist is suggested. One can consult a hair fall specialist in Pune for best results.

While Hair loss mostly affects man, it also affects women. Hair loss is generally identified by symptoms like pattern of a receding of hairline and bald patches of scalp followed by thinning of the hair on the crown and temples. In women it is thinning of hair from the top and bottom. If ignored this may also results in complete baldness in some cases. Thus we suggest you to go for hair treatment in Pune so as to avoid extreme conditions.

Male or female pattern baldness which is generally identified with excessive hair fall and bald patches on scalp is a common problem that is observed in both men and women. The main reason is 5-DHT , a hormone derived from testosterone , which is responsible for baldness in male .it is always better to consult a trichologist or hair transplant surgeon at the early stage of hair fall and baldness . there are various treatment options available to prevent the existing hair from fall and to restore the already lost hair.

The most common reason for hair loss and baldness are given below:

Dezire Clinic has the best trichologist doctors to diagnose reasons for Hair Loss in Male and Female. We Provide Best Hair Treatment like PRP, MesoTherapy, Laser, FUE, Anti Hair Loss medication and shampoos for Hair Loss, Consult the Hair specialist doctors in Pune, India at Dezire Clinic.

  • Hormones (5DHT) may lead to hair loss both in male and females
  • Genes may also lead to baldness
  • Excessive stress and mental tension can also lead to hair problems
  • Ill effects of medicine and drugs has a direct effect with hair loss
  • Improper diet with low protein, vitamin etc is also a reason

Hair fall treatment

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There are various types of hair loss treatment available some of which are:

  • PRP/Stem Cell treatment-PRP or the Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is also known as stem cell therapy. It is a therapy in which a small sample of your blood is drawn and then it placed in centrifuge then the concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the bald area of the scalp which then gives normal hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy– Mesotherapy is a hair treatment that includes injecting vitamin boost in the hair scalp which then allows nourishment and growth of hair.
  • Medications-Other medications are also suggested by doctors depending upon the cause of the hair loss this may include Minoxidil, Finasteride or Biotin etc.
  • Hair transplant-this is the definite, natural and permanent solution to restore the baldness . At dezire we are doing hair transplant by FUE technique to give the natural and fuller look .

How much hair loss per day is normal?

It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. An average person normal hair, do fall in this ratio in a day. If it is under this it is perfectly normal but if this exceeds than it a matter of concern and must immediately be consulted.

Why do people lose hair?

No one knows the actual reason of loosing of hair and when it comes to finding reasons there can be plenty of reasons it can be due to excessive stress, environmental conditions, hormonal changes and other hereditary problems etc.


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Hair fall treatment
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