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Pre procedure care

Instructions Before Hair Transplant

Please get the following blood test done HEMOGRAM , BT CT PT, HIV , HBSAG, BLOOD SUGAR and show the reports before scheduling your procedure


1. Avoid smoking and alcohol before the procedure

2. Stop /minoxidil/vitamin/protein supplements 1 week before the procedure. Take your ant diabetic/antihypertensive etc drugs if any ,regularly and even on the day of the procedure
Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications, for 14 days prior to surgery


3. Wear a loose buttoned shirt at the time of procedure and do not wear T shirt as this is difficult to pull over the head after surgery.

4.Buy a cap which is loose and large size which you have to wear for 3 weeks after the procedure to protect from direct sunlight, dust etc.


5. Wash your hair the morning of surgery. Do not use any hair products such as hair spray, oil, gel, etc., the morning of surgery. Shampoo your hair well before coming for the procedure. If you wear a wig, stop using it day before the procedure and afterwards

6. Have a good sleep in the night and have breakfast  before the procedure.