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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation/Strip technique) BY HD MICROSCOPIC TECH.

Step 1 – Preparation of donor site and marking of hairline

Marking on the donor is done on back of your head and then the hair are trimmed with a electronic trimmer (NO shaving is required) to about 3 mm size and 1 mm at edges is done. This is done so after taking the strip these areas also get covered from the above hair so no visible area is seen after the procedure.

Washing of hair with shampoo/savlon/betadine to clean your hair with these antibacterial solutions so to avoid any chance of infection.

Marking of new hairline is done according to your previous hairline or your preference. It is done accordingly in a natural and scientific manner so that new hairs give you the most natural which suits your face and forehead

Step 2 – Taking the donor strip

Local anesthesia

To make the area totally numb from where we have to take the strip on back of your head we will give local anesthesia with special technique .You will be lying comfortably on a operative table and the area is prepared for the surgery .The local anesthesia is injected with very fine size needle carefully and ice packs are used to make the area numb so no pain is felt during the injection. With just one small prick the whole area is made numb so no pain is felt during the procedure .The tumescent solution is injected in the whole marked area in a totally painless manner

Strip dissection

Under the magnified view (Surgical loupes so that each hair follicle roots are clearly visible) the strip of about 1.5cm in width and length according to the number of grafts to be taken is dissected carefully without damaging follicles at the edge and depth just below the hair roots level. As it is taken by our expert qualified plastic surgeon so there won’t be any damage to the roots during the whole procedure. This is very important as the donor hair follicle are important for final result  so surgeon role is of utmost important during the strip taking procedure . The strip is carefully preserved at cold temperature in a physiological solution. Utmost care is taken to preserve the graft carefully so that they can survive during the procedure

Suturing of the donor area

The donor strip area is sutured in a manner so that no visble effects are seen. There will be a fine line scar which will be hardly visible under the hair. Again the surgeon skills matters in closing the donor area  as it is done by plastic surgeon who are skilled in suturing so result differs as compared to others

Step 3 – Slivering

It is done under high definition digital video microscope which give about 25 times magnified views of the hair follicles roots. As compared to naked eye/magnifying lens/other microscopes this make our work easier & better so our final results are at par with international standards. All slivering are done by Dr Prashant as it is very important to cut the strip in single layer without causing any damage to the roots. We have special instruments for strip fixation and slivering blades which can do single layer slivering without any damage to the roots so our result differs from rest of others.

Step 4 – Graft dissection (follicular unit separation by cutting)

During the whole procedure of hair transplant we do everything under magnification starting from strip taking to plantation without touching the roots in a very scientific and physiological manner. During graft cutting the hair follicles are separated under HD Digital video microscope in which enlarged image of each hair roots is transferred to LED monitors so that we can remove the skin and other tissue surrounding the hair follicles and we can separate very closely hair roots so that we have most of the m in single hair follicular unit. This is very important for survival of grafts as well as final appearance .We have special instruments for graft cutting that’s why we can do mega session of large number of grafts from very small donor area and with ease, faster and not damaging to roots occur. Roots are not touched anytime during the cutting and they are preserved in a cold physiological solution.

Step 5 – Plantation of hair follicle roots

The local anesthesia is injected in a totally painless manner on marked recipient site .We have special planter which are specifically made for planting hair roots. these plantars have slots in which hair follicles are put inside and the roots are slide down in the plantar .They create very small hole just to make space for the hair roots to slide down inside the scalp .The whole process is done by expert hand of Plastic Surgeon who is the most skilled person for the plantation. The plantation of hair roots on the marked new hair line are done under magnified view with the help of surgical loupes so we can do dense packing of grafts and maintain the natural angles and direction to give absolutely natural look. We don’t use any force so pain and bleeding is very less as compared to others. NO slits/punches/large bore needle are used as they create very unnatural appearance to the grafted area and made the whole procedure very painful, so our results are different from rest of the others.

After the procedure your hairs are washed and antibacterial ointment is applied on the sutured area

No bandage/dressing is applied on the head.

You are ready to return home the same day and can resume your work

After surgery instructions

  • 5 days course of antibiotics,painkillers,antacids are prescribed
  • Expect swelling around forehead and around eyes for 3-4 days which subsides on its own
  • Wash daily your hairs with any shampoo
  • Don’t wash under high flow shower
  • Wear cap for 3 weeks to protect from direct sunlight
  • Sutures are removed after 10 days

Instructions before surgery

  • If you have white hairs we advised you to dye with black color before surgery
  • Shampoo your hair the day before surgery and do not put any oil
  • Have bath and have breakfast before surgery
  • Bring your blood reports and avoid smoking and alcohol 2 weeks before surgery
  • We advised you to not to cut hair short before surgery as longer the hairs on the back the less visible will the trim area
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FUT Hair Transplant
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