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Before Procedure

Good Candidates For FUE Hair Transplant

The secret of successful hair transplant result is careful selection of patient. As the result of any medical procedure cannot be 100% guaranteed, we consider the followings candidates would have a higher satisfactory rate after hair transplantation:

  • Reasonable expectation
  • Availability of good scalp donor hair for transplant
  • Androgenic Alopecia in Men
  • Selected cases of Female Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Poor Candidates For Hair Transplant

1. Medically / Physically Unfit

  • Bleeding disorder
  • On blood-thinning medication (warfarin, plavrix)
  • Unstable medical illness

2. Mentally / Psychological Unfit

  • Unrealistic expectation
  • Immature decision making
  • Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling)
  • Body dysmorphic disorder *

3. When Good Result Not Anticipated

  • Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, and Drug-Induced Hair Loss
  • Active inflammatory disorders and infection of the skin
  • thinning all over the scalp including donor areas
  • Prone to excessive scarring (keloid)


History Taking

The doctor will take a detail history regarding

    • your hair loss: onset and progress
    • family history of hair loss
    • medication and allergy
    • general health

Physical Examination

He will examine your scalp and hair, checking:

      • extent and hair characters in the bald area
      • quality and quantity of donor hair
      • any associated skin disease

Make A Diagnosis

      • No treatment will work unless the problem is known
      • The doctor will try to make a diagnosis of your problem

Treatment Plan

He will discuss the pros and cons of the various options:

      • Preventive treatment like medications , PRP , etc
      • Restorative treatment – hair transplant

Patient Selection For Hair Transplant

        Doctor will not offer hair transplant unless:

      • good result can be anticipated
      • patient’s expectation is reasonable and achievable
      • adequate donor hair
      • no other contraindication

Hairline Design & Area To Be Covered

      • He will design a hairline best suit your look
      • discuss the density for coverage
      • measure the exact area for transplant
      • estimate the total number of grafts

Explain The Procedure & Postop Care

        He will discuss in detail:

      • how the procedure is done
      • how many day off after the procedure
      • general care after surgery
      • when to resume sports and daily activities
      • any side effects and the management
      • what to expect after procedure

Get Answer For All Queries

      • The cause of hair loss will be discussed
      • The doctor will attempt to address any of your concerns regarding treatment plan

What To Prepare – Your Safety Comes First

Allergy & Drug

Inform the Doctor regarding any drug allergy or medication


Continue your usual medication unless stopped by the consulting doctor

One Week Before Surgery

Blood Thinner

Stop Aspirin, warfarin, etc

Blood Pressure Tablet / Antihypertensive

Continue your medication as before even on the day of the procedure


Stop or cut down

Hair dye

You need to color you hair with black color few days before

Day Of Surgery


Take a light breakfast


Do not bring along valuables. Will provide locker at clinic


Wear comfortable Button shirt. Do not wear T-Shirt


Notify the doctor in case of fever or any other sickness


Bring a clean loose sports cap , baseball cap, or bandana to wear home


Bring along the balance payment to be settled before surgery

The Night Before Surgery

Hair Wash

Shampoo your hair . no gel / oil etc


Do not use your usual Minoxidil Lotion (G Hair, Rogaine, Headway…)


Do not drink alcoholic beverages


Do not stay up too late. Have a good night sleep