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Day Of Procedure

What Happen On Your Procedure Day

We have been performing FUE since 2010.

On Arrival

You have plenty of time to clarify any concern. The procedure will be explained again before signing consent. It’s just like any other medical treatment.

Antiseptic Hair Wash

To reduce bacterial colonization on the scalp we wash your hair one more time with antiseptic.


The tablets will be given to you which will help to reduce any anxiety or discomfort during the procedure.

Hairline Design and Surgical Plan


FUE Hair Transplant - What Happen On Your Procedure Day | Dezire Clinic Pune
Now is the time to re-confirm what you want. The Doctor will design the hairline for you. The surgical plan must be agreed and approved by you before commencing the procedure. Total bald area is assessed again to estimate the final graft count.

Donor Hair Assessment


FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Day Steps - Antiseptic Hair Wash, Premedication, Hairline Design and Surgical Plan, Donor Hair Assessment, Positioning, Local Anesthesia, Graft Harvesting, Graft Insertion.
The doctor will examine your occipital area carefully looking for permanent hair. The donor area is then marked. We trim the scalp hair to zero level And Examine the Hair Density


You will be lying face down during donor harvesting. Our customized fue hair transplant chair will provide you comfortable support. Most patients just fall asleep and then wake up after graft harvesting .

  • Local Anesthesia
  • Graft Harvesting
  • Graft Preparation
  • Incision
  • Graft Insertion

Local Anesthesia

Vital Signs

A monitor is connected to check you body response during injection to ensure safety.


Massage, vibration, ice cube are very effective measures to distract you from feeling pain during injection.

Injection Technique


day of hair transplant procedure
We are using the very small 30G needle and special technique. Inject very slowly is the key to minimize any discomfort.

Nerve Block


The scalp is a large area. By using a technique called Nerve Block we can greatly reduce the amount of anesthetic solution yet keep pain-free during the entire procedure.
The scalp is a large area. By using a technique called Nerve Block we can greatly reduce the amount of anesthetic solution yet keep pain-free during the entire procedure.

Graft Harvesting


Specially prepared fluid called Tumescence is injected to lift the skin up and away from the bone. This prevent any possible damage to the deep seated nerves and blood vessels, and provide good skin turgor for easy dissection.

Graft Harvesting By FUE

We use a size 0.8 mm and 0.9mm titanium imported blunt punch for graft extraction . This size keeps the grafts intact yet leaves minimal scar. Depth control is set to avoid graft transaction. We use automated FUE machine and graft counter for counting the grafts . Every graft is extracted one-by-one carefully not to damage any follicle.

Graft Insertion

Grafts outside the body have a limited survival time and must be implanted ASAP. We use the following insertion Technique.


1. Forceps technique

Fine tips jeweler’s forceps are used to gently grasp the fat beneath the follicle to avoid trauma. It’s our preferred method.

2. Implanter Technique

For dense packing we have to eliminate any empty spots between hairs.. The follicle is first put into the implanter and then maintaining the angle , depth and direction its slide down into the hole created by the implanter with the help of introducer


We are using implanter exclusively because of:

No tissue trauma – no root touch technique by these implanters. No graft damage. Minimal graft handling

High dense packing of grafts possible.

How Long It Takes

Obviously that depends on the number of grafts. It may take up to 5 to 8 hours to complete the entire procedure . We reserve the whole day for you to ensure the procedure is accomplished to full satisfaction.

Going Home

On completion we again double- check every graft. Any loosen ones will be re-inserted to ensure maximum survival.


We put a dressing on the donor area for one day and a head band will be applied.


Going Home Safely

Most patients are fully awake by the end of the procedure.. We will check and make sure you are in good condition before letting you do.



You can travel back safely after completion of the procedure .