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The Dezire Fue Training Center Shaping The Next Generation Of Fue Professionals

Some of Hair Transplant Surgeons trained under Dezire Clinic

Dr. Manjot Marwah, Jalandhar
Dr. ELIZABETH .P.GEORGE., Pathanamthitta, Kerala
Dr. Prasanth T, Kotchi
Dr. Yazeed AlHussan, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Prasanna, Hyderabad

Launching and managing a successful hair transplant practice requires much more than just being a talented surgeon. You need a range of skills, not least the ability to view your clinic as a business. This is why the Dezire FUE training Center has specially tailored a training program to teach the skills new clinics need to be a success in both the operation room and the board room.

Failure to understand, anticipate and respond to market forces is a key reason about 80 percent of hair restoration clinics fail in their first year. And of clinics that do succeed past this point, only 10 percent survive the third year.
The Dezire FUE training Center gives you the training you need to push your clinic forward on both the medical and business fronts. On one hand, we will train you in FUE Techniques so that you will offer the best service to your patient, and on the other, you will also receive the business basics to make your clinic a success.

As part of this comprehensive, two-pronged training program, you will learn to increase your efficiency and consistency. We will show you why you need to put your patient at the very center of your professional life. You will learn that you are accountable for the work you do on your patient. We will ask you to put continuous improvement and quality practices in place. We will help you find your passion and creativity. And at times we will remind you to think like a businessperson in a way that does not clash with your medical background.

The curriculum also includes:

  • Doctor-patient relations
  • How to meet higher efficiency
  • Creativity in hair design
  • Documentation
  • Attracting and hiring top talent
  • Medical ethics
  • Business issues

In addition, when you finish training, we will still give ongoing support for you in the form of professional advice and guidance.

With this training course you will receive the guidance of our experienced surgeon Dr. Prashant Yadav , we believe that a practical hands-on training and medical understanding of the procedures is for you. This course will ground you in the essential knowledge and skills needed for a successful practice. In the modern hair restoration practice, planning and execution of surgery is growing increasingly complex. To become sure of your FUE technique requires a minimum of 5 to 10 hours of hands-on training. During the course, we will look at the FUE technique in-depth and will share our patient centered approach. Additionally, we will give you extensive and detailed operation videos outlining the FUE technique explicitly.

Although switching to FUE from other techniques might bring instant success, momentum can soon be lost if your results are far from the desired outcome. To make certain this does not happen in your clinic, in our medical lectures we will be providing you with the necessary critical success factors needed to make sure an effective hair replacement procedure which will enable you to serve your patients better.

  • Assess their current skills and find areas of improvement.
  • View their current performance from the patient’s perspective
  • Appreciate how the patient-centered approach impacts profitability and job security
  • Maximize their skills and knowledge
  • Maintain a balance between quality and productivity
  • Apply solution-focused thinking techniques
  • Enhance personal productivity and commitment
  • Learn how to regain loyalty and trust in face of a problem
  • Understand patient needs and exceed expectations

Our training will take you into the OR to operate on a patient. There will be emphasis on extraction and transplanting. During training we will show you the basics of hairline design and will take you into the techniques of photography to build your evidence-base practice.

Dezire Fue Training Center Alliance

Your Success is our Success

When the idea of the Dezire FUE training Center first took shape, we were proud of our basic premise: Supply the best surgical training, prop it up with basic business training and sustain the structure with a support arrangement where our former trainees could touch base with the Dezire FUE training Center as often as they liked. We had one goal: Contributing to the success of our trainees. We knew that focusing only on the technical aspect of FUE hair transplantation would not be sufficient unless we taught our trainees how to think like a businessperson. We knew that once they started their practice they needed to have a place to go to ask medical or business questions. Our support services would take care of that. However, as we went on developing the idea further, we came to the conclusion that the most basic problem was the most critical one: Finding patients to make sure your clinic’s survival.

Helping you manage your biggest risk
However, as we went on developing the idea further, we came to the conclusion that the most basic problem was the most critical one: Finding patients to ensure your clinic’s survival. That is the one major risk trainees face – How to get patients and get the new clinic going. Our promise was to be with you all the way and until we helped you manage this risk, we have not really doing what we set out to do.

  • How to do the consultations
  • Technical details of clinical photography
  • Medical emergencies and how to prevent them
  • Theoretical details of androgenetic alopecial
  • Relevant anatomy
  • FUE technique
  • Local anesthesia technique
  • Powered FUE Extraction
  • Graft storage
  • Hairline Design
  • Transplantation
  • Post-op care and medications
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Indications and counter-indications
  • Pre-, per- and post-operative care
  • Our experience with medicines and their side effects
  • Results
  • Medical office emergencies
  • Open discussions
  • Case discussions
  • Ethics in hair transplantation (density vs. Future planning, untruthful claims etc.)
  • Synthetic hair transplant
  • Body hair transplant
  • PRP treatment
  • What to do with an unsatisfied patient?

Dezire Fue Training Center Alliance
If after the training you decide you will be in need of support, we would be happy to provide you the necessary advice and guidance through our extranet for the Dezire FUE training Center Support Network.

Professional advice
You might need medical or business advice when you get back to your workplace. The first six months might prove to be critical for the success of your business, so we will set up our support network for you for those critical months. We will be online to answer your questions during business hours

Your medical and business advice needs may be greater than a simple question and answer session. In that case we will provide remote medical consulting with Dr. Prashant Yadav and business guidance through our consultant.

For further details please contact Dr Prashant Yadav

Email id – drprashantms@yahoo.co.in
Contact no – 09272007896