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Trichologist Surgeon

Best Trichologist in Pune

Trichologist Surgeon

Best Trichologist in Pune - Hair Loss Specialist Trichologist | Dezire Clinic PuneEveryone desires that they have shinny hairs. Hair is something that adds up to personality and beauty. Who can deny looking good with good hairs. It feels great when you have good hairs that everyone compliments but sometimes even after special care hair gets lost. In such cases we feel a need of a doctor for getting permanent and natural hair results.
To assure right results a hair loss patient can consult a Trichologist. A  Trichologist surgeon is basically a hair doctor. Trichologist is someone who has taken degrees and training in treating hair related problems. He thoroughly analysis the hair condition, find out the problem and suggest proper hair treatment to say no to hair problems.

Trichologist Surgeon is a hair doctor who has specialization to diagnose the hair related issues like hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs and other diseases of the scalp. He has several measures by which he can eliminate these problems and can give patient his hairs back by using advanced techniques and technologies.

Best Trichologist In Pune

When you are a hair loss patient and you are in a search for best hair doctor in Pune for your hair problem you can consult a trichologist at Dezire. The doctor at Dezire is expertise trichologist who has specialization in treating all hair related issues. He is a board certified doctor. With his experienced and highly skilled staff, the trichologist at the clinic accomplishes results from best hair procedures. Whenever a patient is in any hair loss problem he can trust a hair doctor in Pune for bet results.

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When To Consult A Trichologist?

Many a times you are in several hair problems but you are unaware that when you must consult a hair doctor. One can go to a hair doc Pune in several cases:

  • There is excess hair loss.
  • There is baldness.
  • There is some scalp problem that can be dandruff or any other inflammatory conditions
  • There is problem with hair growth.
  • There is problem with hair texture.
  • Need advice for hairs.

What Does Trichologist Surgeon Do?

Once a patient visit a clinic with the problem of hair, A Trichologist surgeon quickly analysis the area of hair problem. He then examines the scalp and the affected area thoroughly so as to assess the exact problem and the cause. After which proper treatment is suggested by a Trichologist. He can also ask several questions or can perform diagnosis to analysis the condition in a better way.

What procedures are performed by Trichologist?

So as to permanently eliminate the hair problem and to get permanent results hair transplantation is the most trusted procedure suggested by the Trichologist. Several kind of hair transplantation procedure are performed by a Trichologist that can be:

  • FUE
  • FUT
  • PRP etc.