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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow_hair_transplantEyebrow displays the beauty of the person face. A shapeless eyebrow or no hair on the eyebrow can disturb the look of any individual. Eyebrow hair growth is very necessary, loss of which can draw unwanted attention of others towards you. Eyebrow thinning is common problem in both males and females in current scenario but various eyebrow restoration techniques helps in eliminating the eyebrow loss problems.

One who faces with the problem of eyebrow hair loss problem can go for eyebrow transplantations. Eyebrow transplant surgery uses the same technique which is used in other hair transplantation surgeries. In this transplantation hair is moved from donor site to the eyebrow linings.

After going for Eyebrow implant surgery one can get back natural looking eyebrows. The shape and size of eyebrow achieves thickness and proper growth. The eyebrow hair also gets back their normal growth. Eyebrow restoration in Delhi is best for getting back the eyebrows hairs. It is done as a day care procedure, under local anesthesia. There are no side effects, risk or any other complications from the transplantation. The eyebrow transplants in Delhi are provided by specialized doctors with advanced skills.

What is Eyebrow transplantation?

The concepts and technologies of eyebrow transplants may have changed with years but the concepts remains the same. Eyebrow transplant before and after uses same techniques of implanting of hairs to the unwanted areas of the eyebrows.

The Eyebrow transplantation is done with the motive to get even and permanent hair growth on the eyebrow line which may have lost due to various reasons. The eyebrow implant at Delhi is done after the analysis of the facial symmetry with the eyebrow. Eyebrow transplant require specialized skill and technique to get the natural look. The eyebrow transplantation at Dezire is done with FUE technique. In which single hair roots are extracted from the donor area that is from the back of scalp and is implanted with the help of special implanters in the region of the bald area or less hair area, maintaining the natural angle, depth & direction for the best and natural result.

Why does eyebrow hair loss occur?

The natural eyebrow growth is disturbed due to various factors like result from over-plucking of eyebrows or excess threading. It is also because of some genetic causes. Sometimes aging also creates problem of hair loss at eyebrow. Illness and age factors are also the reason. Sometimes in order to hide scars and injuries people often go for eyebrow transplantation.

What are the results of Eyebrow transplantation?

The results of Eyebrow transplant are permanent. After the eyebrow hair growth achieved by the procedure normal growth can be observed. The growth highly depends upon the growth rate of the person hair growth.

 What is the eyebrow implants cost?

The cost of eyebrow transplantation highly depends upon the need of the patient. This can be discussed with the doctor at the clinic in prior sessions.

 Can the eyebrow be designed as per the face?

Eyebrow restoration is a highly artistic procedure in which bows are designed as per the facial type and features. The hairs at the eyebrow are only transplanted after designing of the outline so that it suits the face. Arch shape, appropriate thickness, space between brows, eyebrow length is ensured at the time of transplantations.  


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Eyebrow Transplant
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