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How does a hair transplant work?

A hair transplant is the process of taking hair from regions of the head that are resistant to balding, and implanting the resistant strands on parts of the head that are balding. It is a permanent process because hair taken from balding resistant areas will be resistant to balding wherever they are placed.

What is the difference between hair and follicular unit?

Normally the hair grows in bunch of hairs on the scalp. These naturally occurring groups of hair are called as Follicular units or grafts. These units may have anywhere between 1-4 hair in it. On an average we each follicular unit have around 2.4 hairs.

When can i undergo hair transplant?

When you have high rate of hair loss or have very thin hair and your scalp is visible, or your hairline is receding then you can have hair transplant after discussion with your hair transplant surgeon.

Is your technique different from other hair transplant centre?

We are using the most advanced technique for hair transplant in which we have replaced the punch graft or slit method technique by no touch and root by root techniqu

Will people know i’ve had a hair transplant?

Immediately after the procedure you will notice scabs and redness at area of new hairs which will go on its own within 7 to 10 days .you have to clean and shampoo your hair after the procedure no other special care is needed .

When we can repeat the same procedure in the same area?

Immediately after the procedure you will notice scabs and redness at area of new hairs which will go on its own within 7 to 10 days .you have to clean and shampoo your hair after the procedure no other special care is needed .

What is laser hair transplantation? do you use laser in your procedure?


Laser produces one size uniform inverted cone shaped sites by generating heat and destroying body tissue. Insertion of follicles becomes difficult, as they are never of similar size. There is more pop-out ratio due to narrow base and wide opening of the shape of the cavity. Heat generated during creation of the site, reduces the blood supply for take up of follicles, resulting in poor yield as end result

Can you improve and correct my previous hair transplantation done by old plugging technique?

It is possible to correct if you have good donor hair at back of your head. With our technique we can give you natural and permanent hair with desirable density and hairline

How to approach us if you come from far places or other than pune city?

It is day care procedure no overnight stay is required. You may go to your native place just after the procedure by air, rail or road. We will teach you the after care of hairs . if you still have any query you can contact us anytime and will guide you immediately, even if you are at any part of the world .

I have been suffering for hair loss and my density is very less plus they are very miniature in size so that i can see my scalp skin from the existing so shall i wait till all my hair fall out or i can under go the procedure to increase my density?

With our technique you, need not have to wait to become fully bald for the procedure. As the density of your hairs is decreasing we can safely and surely plant the follicles in-between existing hairs, to compensate for the loss, without looking bald.

What is mega session?

When around 2000 to 2,500 follicles are planted in a day, its called a mega session.

What are the causes of hair loss ?

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: male pattern baldness (MPB) contributes to 95% of all hair loss and female pattern baldness.
  • These are the most common cause of baldness
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Genetic : hereditary occurring in the family
  • Mechanical damage: traction alopecia due to continuous and prolonged use of wigs or hair weaving or hair bonding etc.
  • Systematic Medical Problems: (Hypothyroidism, High fever, Pregnancy
  • Medications : Anti cancer drugs and radiotherapy
  • Alopecia Areta: Patchy hair loss due to immune system disorder
  • Telogen Efflueum: Diffuse loss of long hairs with roots
  • Dermatological: any diseases.of skin particularly affecting scalp
  • Diet: Vitamin A ,E, and B deficiency and iron deficiency
  • Chemical damage: Bleaches, dyes, hard water, low quality cosmetic applications
  • Idiopathic : no definitve cause

Is there any medical treatment for control of hair loss and hair fall?

Two most common drugs prescribed for androgenetic pattern hair loss all over the world are Minoxidil which is a topical medication for both men and women that is applied twice a day, and Finasteride (Propecia), a pill intended for men only and taken once a day. While these medications mostly helpful in the initial stage of hair and can slow down and in some individuals stop the progression of hair loss. They need to be taken over a long time and their effect will be seen after 6- 9 months of continuous use. On the contrary Fue hair transplant, is the only permanent solution for hair loss.

Is excessive secretion of sebum the reason for baldness?

As baldness progresses, the hair become thinner while the sebaceous gland becomes larger with more secretion. These enlarged glands are only a result of balding, not a cause.

How long does the transplant procedure take?

Depending on the number of grafts, the procedure takes anywhere from 4 hours to10 hours. The procedure starts in the morning and completed by evening .You can return home on your own on the same day and no stay is required

How many sessions does a hair transplant typically require?

In first session we will cover the maximum possible bald area and implant maximum number of graft in that session. Usually It’s a onetime procedure and but in case of advance baldness ,if more number of grafts are required for coverage of large area of baldness then 2 or 3 sessions can be done depending on the grade and severity of baldness.

Does the procedure hurt?

Most patients who have undergone this procedure say they feel no discomfort or pain. Local anesthesia is administered in both donor and recipient sites to make the area numb

How many days do i have to prepare for a hair transplant surgery?

Below is an outline of a hair transplant schedule:

Patient Evaluation

You can share your scalp pictures or visit the clinic for initial assessment. The patient is initially evaluated by the Dr Prashant Yadav with regards to his current hair loss condition, degree of baldness, donor condition and general medical examination. Then after examination he decides whether the patient is a good hair transplant candidate or not.  If the patient is a good candidate, he will then be evaluated as to his treatment options, the number of grafts he requires and the number of sessions.

Patient Preparation

The patient should generally be healthy prior to undergoing a hair transplant procedure. If the patient has any underlying medical illness, he can still undergo the procedure after careful evaluation and review of medications. Hemogram , BT ,CT PT, HIV HBSAG these are the test to be done prior to undergoing hair transplant surgery. Your procedure can be booked in advance by paying advance deposit.

Procedure day

Hair Transplantation is done as an outpatient procedure. It is a relatively safe procedure since this only involves the skin. The patient will be under ‘’twilight’’ and local anesthetic during the procedure therefore pain will be minimal. The patient is allowed and encouraged to take breaks, walk, stretch, and eat in between the procedure. The length of surgery time ( 5 -10 hrs )will depend on the number of grafts to be done. After the procedure, the patient will be sent home and asked to come back the following day.

Post Op Shampoo

The patient is asked to come back the following day after procedure for his first post op shampoo. During this time, he will be taught how to shampoo by himself properly daily at home. The grafts and donor area will also be checked at this time to ensure that everything is fine and he can resume the work and can travel safely. After care instruction list and medications prescription will be provided. Remaining follow up after 2 weeks, 3 month, 6 month and 10 months interval either physically or email/skype/whatsapp etc

Do i still have to continue taking hair medications after hair transplant?

Transplanted hair is permanent and will stay with the patient all throughout his lifetime as long as the grafts chosen were from the safe donor site. The patients’ own existing hair at the top however which already shows signs of thinning and miniaturization and those which are genetically programmed to go will still be lost in time. The goal of hair transplantation is to restore lost hair and with medications, maintain or slow down further loss of existing hair.

What care I have to take for new transplanted hair?

You can shampoo after the procedure gently and not putting directly under the shower and just rinse with soft hands .We advice you to wear a cap and protect new hair from direct exposure to sunlight.

What are the possible side effects?

Hair transplant is considered to be a minimal invasive procedure. There are no side effects or complications and its completely safe procedure done worldwide successfully.

Is it possible that I’ll have scars at the harvest area or the newly planted areas?

Fue technique is scarless and painless technique so there wont be any scar even in the donor site . We are using planters which are made specifically for hair transplantation for putting new hairs and they don’t leave any scar on the scalp in area of new planted hairs

How many grafts/hairs will be needed?

The amount of grafts needed ultimately depends on

  • degree of hair loss,
  • hairline desired,
  • donor density,
  • desired density.
  • Future hair loss

Does the hair on the donor area of the head look thinned out after the procedure?

The density on the back of the scalp from where the grafts are taken out is very high. The grafts are randomly taken out so even after taking the grafts the donor area looks normal..

Are the results of the transplant permanent?

The hair transplant is a permanent process because donor area is resistant to baldness; the transplanted will continue to grow like your natural hair without any maintenance. You can combed, washed, oiled and cut/trim/shave like your normal hair

Can Hair Be taken From Other Parts Of The Body?

In patient who have limited donor hair , the beard ,chest and legs can be used for transplant

When will the newly transplanted hair begin to grow?

The transplanted hairs will start growing immediately after the procedure, but for full grown length results it will take around 6 to 9 months.

What are the different ways of doing a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is done in 2 basic ways i.e.

  • Strip technique or FUT: Surgical technique involves harvesting a strip of skin from your backside of head. The hair are then separated and implanted on the bald area. This involves cutting your scalp skin, then stitching it. This technique is therefore painful, gives a long linear scar.
  • Follicular Unit extraction technique. Involves removal of one follicular unit by one unit without cutting the skin.

We do the transplant by Max FUE Technique which is the most advanced version of FUE Technique.

What is Max FUE Technique of Hair Transplant?

It the most advanced version of FUE technique, designed and refined by Dr. Prashant Yadav himself. This technique is entirely non-surgical, without any cuts, stitch less, scarless, painless, bloodless and with no downtime or side-effects.

What are the benefits of MaX Fue ?

  • Maximum natural results
  • MaX dense packing
  • MaX artistic hairline
  • MaX grafts in one day
  • MaX yield, MaX hairs
  • MaX transformation
  • MaX perfection
  • MaX advanced & latest technique
  • MaX affordable
  • MaX transparency
  • MaX speed and accuracy
  • MaX qualified superspecialist Doctor
  • MaX experienced surgeon
  • MaX trained & skilled team
  • MaX personalized care

When will I see my full grown hairs?

1st Growth Phase: immediately after plantation of the grafts , the hair starts growing Where your hair grows about 1-2 cm for the first 4-6 weeks.

2nd Temporary Shedding Phase: Where your implanted hair will start falling but roots will stay intact beneath the skin . This phase will last for about 3 months. You shouldn’t get worried in this phase. Your implanted hair will again start growing permanently back this time for good.

3rd Permanent Growth Phase: Here all your fallen hair will re grow. This hair is just like the natural hair and will grow with the normal characteristics for the rest of your life. Full grown hairs will come in around 6 to 9 months

Do I need to shave my hair?

Trimming of whole head to zero level is compulsory and done on the day of the procedure.

How will I look after transplant?

After procedure, small crusts (scabs) will cover all implanted grafts at the recipient area.. These small crusts will fall out in 10-14 days and. the scalp looks

When can I go back to work?

Patients can immediately go back to work and can travel next day after the procedure. The patient can wear a cap, hat or bandana to cover the recipient site if he feels a little conscious about it.

How much does the procedure cost?

Hair transplantation is usually charged per number of graft which is Rs 40 per graft plus service tax which includes surgeon charge , operation theatre charges, medical disposables, administrative charges.

What will happen to my existing hairs? Does hair transplant will prevent my hair loss?

Your existing hairs wont be affected by the hair transplant .the new grafts are carefully placed in between the empty space of the existing hairs under magnified vision.to control your hair loss we will prescribe medications.

When can I cut or dye my hairs?

You can cut or dye your hairs 3 weeks after the procedure.

How do I book an appointment for my personal Consultation?

You will have to fill the online consultation form, or you can call on +91 9222122122 provided on the website to book your consultation.

Online consultation is also available on Skype.

You need to specify the timing for consultation during booking the appointment.

When can I wash my hairs after the procedure?

Immediately after completion the scalp is washed and then you can wash daily with shampoo as per the instruction given.

How many grafts can be transplanted in one day?

We can transplant upto 3500 grafts in one day. If more than 3500 grafts are required they can be done over 2 consecutive days.

How do I book an appointment for my personal Consultation?

You will have to fill the online consultation form, or you can call on +91 9222122122 provided on the website to book your consultation.

Online consultation is also available on Skype.

You need to specify the timing for consultation during booking the appointment.

What are the blood test need to be done before transplant?

  • Hemogram
  • BT ,CT PT
  • Blood sugar (random)

How can I schedule the procedure?

You can book your date in advance depending on the availability by paying Rs 20,000 advance deposit. The remaining payment can be done on the day of your procedure.

Current A/c No : 01497930000022
Branch Address MAYUR COLONY, KOTHRUD Branch,Pune,Maharashtra, India
RTGS/NEFT IFSC code : HDFC0000149

What will be done on the day of the surgery?

The procedure will be done in a fully equipped and sterile operation theatre. We follow strict guidelines as per international guidelines. We use highest standard surgical disposable items to achieve zero level infection rate

1) Arrival- The hair transplant procedure usually starts at 8 am. You have to sign the consent form and then photos are taken for assessment of the results and for documentation

2) Hairline marking- A natural and undetectable hairline is designed in consultation with you. Trimming of whole head is done. The head is washed and cleaned with antiseptic solution.

3) Extraction of grafts- Again scalp will be cleaned inside the operation theatre in lying down position on a special imported hair transplant chair and local anesthesia is administered with smallest size needles. Once the scalp is numb and no pain is felt, the graft is extracted by automated FUE machine with specialized blunt punches .Each graft is extracted under magnification in best condition considering the angle and direction of the hair .The grafts are preserved in a special solution and maintained at low temperature to maintain their survival. Grafts are counted 3 times both manually and by graft counter machine which can be checked by the patient at any time.

4) Implantation of grafts- The hairline is again marked and once approved by you , then after making the area numb the implantation is done with specialized planters .it’s done under magnified vision (surgical Loupe), maintaining the natural angle, depth and direction of the hairs.

5) Cleaning & dressing- After completion again the whole head is washed with antiseptic solution and dressing is done which is removed on next day.

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