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Welcome to world’s best hair transplantation center in Pune. If you are planning to go for hair transplantation then come to us for desired and excellent results. Dezire is the trusted clinic for permanent and natural results as procedures performed at clinic are performed with advanced techniques and latest technologies. The treatments are performed by hair specialist doctor in Pune to achieve effective and satisfactory treatment for baldness. With this website our motive is to make people aware about several hair transplantation techniques that could be selected for best result to treat baldness permanently.

Why Dezire No.1 Choice for Hair Transplant

  • 1. Trust Dezire for 100% consistent results.
  • 2. The proven track records and excellent past results.
  • 3. Best fue hair transplant in Pune performed by FUE experts to yield natural and permanent results.
  • 4. Dezire has specialist to perform fue mega session in which up to 5000 grafts can be done in one day session.
  • 5. Dezire specializes in providing best body hair transplant for patient who do not have sufficient scalp donor area.
  • 6. Upgraded with latest technology and enhanced equipments required for hair transplantation procedures.
  • 7. Best treatments with affordable cost.
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