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Hair Weaving Pune

Hair Transplant Pune / Hair Weaving Pune

Hair Weaving Pune

Nowadays, balding or loss of hair is a common phenomenon because of various reasons like stress and lifestyle imbalances.Hair weaving is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure which is rather like hair extensions, where artificial hairs attached to existing hair.The Number of procedures used for hair weaving like- pasting, netting, bonding, fusion etc. Hair weaving or balding is also known as Hair Integration.Hair weaving is a procedure which can provide a patient with advanced hair loss the appearance of having a full head of hair. This process is suitable for both men and women, and it does not cause any damage to the existing hairs.

Hair weaving is a process of adding artificial or human hair to existing hair, so it is very safe and effective option for those who don’t want to undergo any of the surgical procedure. With Hair weaving process, we can cover large areas of the baldness within a few minutes with patches of the hairs.

In the procedure, a pate is fixed on the scalp of your head and merged well with the existing hair.It can either be pasted with the help of glue or fixed with clips on to your scalp.

The hairs which are attached to hair weaving process looks very natural but it is wig only. Hair weaving gives you some or fixed look every time and hence it gives an artificial feeling of a wig. This method of fixing hair sometimes can damage the underlying hair and can cause skin allergies.

Benefits of Hair Weaving:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low commitment
  • Protective
  • Experimentation