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Baldness Treatment

Baldness Treatment In Pune

Baldness Treatment

Best Baldness Cure & Baldness Treatment for Men and Women in Pune – Best Cure for BaldnessBaldness is often termed as general hair loss. It is also termed as male or female pattern baldness. In baldness people start losing hairs from scalp and other body parts. This leads to losing of hair at a faster speed than the usual. Due to this bald patches are visible on the head scalp which reduces the confidence in men and women. Thus people often wish to go for baldness treatment

Dezire Clinic is the best clinic in Pune, India for Baldness Cure & Baldness Treatment for Men and Women, We have Best Doctors, Latest Technology, and Successful Hair Transplant Treatment for Women & Men at our Centre. Visit Dezire Clinic today for Free Consultation & Great Deals.Both a male and female may suffer with hair baldness problem. Baldness is the most common type of hair loss especially in males. The male pattern baldness starts affecting half of the men at an age of 50 but due to environmental pollution and unhealthy eating habits it starts around in late twenties or early thirties in most men. Usually in male pattern baldness some degree of hair loss is visible that is generally followed by bald patches around the back and sides of the head or thinning of hairs on the crown and temples.

Unlike in males in female pattern baldness is noticed usually as a thinning of hair from top and bottom. As for a women her hairs symbolizes her beauty this baldness disturbs her emotionally by disturbing the self image.

One should consult a hair doctor as an when it notices symptoms of baldness pattern because the adverse cases of such hair problem is complete baldness and if this is not treated within the care of specialist it reaches to adverse cases.

Causes Of Baldness

There are different causes for hair loss in males and females. Causes of male pattern baldness can be due to aging, genetic issues, unhealthy diet etc. Causes of female pattern baldness can be due to pregnancy, menopause etc.

Hair Treatments

In both the cases one should go for baldness treatment in Pune. Several treatments of baldness are provided at the clinic by hair specialist some of which are:

  • Hair Restoration Techniques-In the hair restoration treatment techniques are applied by hairs doctors so as to re-establish the hairs at the lost area.
  • Hair Transplantation Techniques– Hair transplant is a procedure in which hairs follicles are extracted and is transplanted to the bald area of the hair scalp. Usually there are two types of hair transplant techniques
    1. FUE-FUE is a follicular unit extraction. In this transplantation process hair follicles are extracted from donor area and then are transplanted into bald areas.
    2. Stem Cell Therapy-Stem Cell therapy is a non-surgical remedy that is done to re-grow hair follicles so as to obtain hair growth. This process is also performed with PRP technique that is done with plasma rich platelets.

How Hair Grows?

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Each follicle produces a single hair that grows for two to six years, it then falls and is replaced with a new hair. This process is a continuous process.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

Because hairs regularly fall out thus most people looses 50 to 100 strands each day which can vary to 250 on the day of wash. Other than this if it is more than this than the person is suffering from hair problem.

Hair Baldness in men is at which age?

About 85% of men notice symptoms of hair baldness by the time they’re 50 but some start to lose their hairs before they turn 21.


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Baldness Treatment
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