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Why Choose Us

Hair Treatment Clinic in Pune

Why Choose Dezire Clinic For Hair Transplantation?

Dezire has been providing standardized hair transplantation solutions. It is famous for its aims towards changing the standards of hair transplantation. Dezire puts all its efforts to offer best and advanced surgical and non-surgical hair transplant procedures. The motive of the clinic is to provide optimum hair loss solution to various hair problems in a manner that it boosts up confidence and self esteem in a human by providing effective hair loss preventions and treatment solutions. With our hair transplantation we work to change your look so that you can start enjoying your life.

Dezire is hair treatment clinic in Pune that provides best hair transplant solution with all modern equipments and advanced technologies. Dezire has expert doctors that have been performing best in the field since many years. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable. This clinic is famous for its transplantation services in all parts of India including Pune.

The fulfillment of need of every patient coming to clinic is the duty of the complete team of the clinic. The patient is treated with complete care under the team of specialized doctors and supporting staff. The actual need of the customer is analyzed properly prior to the treatment procedure so that desire of the patient can be achieved completely.

Why choose us?


Complete care of patient is ensured

You should come to Dezire because complete care of patient coming to clinic is our duty. Maximum comfort and ease is ensured by the team during the treatment and after wards also. We ensure to take care of the safety and security of each patient coming to our clinic.


Your information is secured with us

All the details of any of the personal information of the patient are kept secure with the clinic. The information related to appointments and consultations of the patient is professionally maintained and kept secured at the clinic even after years of treatment. The Dezire hair hospital in Pune is the most trusted center for getting efficient hair treatment with confidentiality.


Highly trusted treatments

Both surgical and non surgical hair treatments and other alternative treatments are provided by highly experienced skilled doctors that ensure maximum results. Also this high class doctor only use advanced equipments and technologies for proving best transplantations procedures.


Desire of the patient is first preference at Dezire

Motive of doctors at the clinic is to yield best from the treatment exactly what patient requires. For achieving need of the patient from the treatment to the maximum it is thoroughly analyzed prior to the treatment and transplantation is performed to achieve the same.

Surgeons and Staff at Dezire

  • The doctors and technician at the Dezire, hair clinics in Pune are highly experienced and skilled and they have all necessary experience and knowledge of the field.
  • The lead doctor of the clinic Dr Prashant Yadav (M.S., M.Ch) is an Indian board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon. He works with best equipment & advanced technology to provide best treatment that suits to the patient.
  • The supporting staff at the clinic is also well versed for providing best care to the patient. They take so good care of the patient that they feel that they are at home only.
  • Administration team of the clinic is also very supportive and is always ready to help each and every patient in times of needs.
  • The clinic also has experienced anesthetists that are required to provide expertise solutions at the time of treatments. They are highly experienced in this field.
  • The main motive of team of Dezire is to achieve safety of the patient to the fullest so that he can return back with a perfect smile from the clinic.




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Why to choose Dezire doctors over other clinics?

  • Dezire is one among those clinics where the motive of doctors is to provide what is actually desired by the customer for this they understand the patient and then they suggest best suited treatments.
  • Unlike other clinics the hair transplantation at the clinic are performed with specified tools that are equipped with latest & advanced technology.
  • The doctors and supporting staff of the clinic has many years experience and they have been doing this task since years.
  • Dezire has experienced doctor, Dr Prashant Yadav who is an Indian Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon & Dr. Hema Yadav who is supportive doctor. They both work together to achieve best results from all the hair treatments procedure.
  • The hair transplantation procedures at Dezire are carried out by specialized doctors and not by some technicians just as in other hair transplantation clinic this is because we believe that technicians can never yield appropriate results.
  • Dezire has been performing these specialized treatments since years and it is famous for its excellent outcomes and satisfied customers.
  • The clinic is already equipped with advanced technologies. Doctors are also well versed with advanced concepts of hair transplantation and for improvement in the technologies as well the doctor’s knowledge we keep on updating.
  • All the hair transplantation procedures performed at the clinic are based on high standards and only best treatments are provided.
  • The care of the patient is the concern of doctor as well the Dezire team. Thus patients are treated with completed care during and after the treatment.
  • The doctors at dezire also have experience in FUE mega session treatment solutions that emphasize on harvesting of about 5000 grafts in one day session. This is a transplantation procedure that can only be available at best clinics like desire.
  • We do also specialize in body hair transplantation where hair transplantation is also possible in cases where patient do not have sufficient scalp donor area over the head scalp. In such cases hair are taken from other part of body such as beard and chest and then is implanted to bald areas.
  • The hair treatment provided by doctors at Dezire has 100% consistent results and proven track record can also be checked for the reference to the same.