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Biofibre Synthetic Transplant

Biofibre Synthetic Transplant


For baldness treatment for both men and women

Now there is solution for baldness for both men and women even if you don’t have sufficient donor hair on your scalp. This method of hair implant gives you the instant result in one sitting; no more waiting period of hair growth is required. This technique is suitable for any age and even for completely bald persons.

Biofibre ® – these are Biocompatible Artificial Hair which are CE Certified for Hair Implant
It is a safe and effective medical device for baldness (alopecia) solution in men and women due to the following features:

Biofibre Synthetic Hair Implant in Pune - Nido Artificial Hair Transplant Cost, Results | Dezire Clinic Pune

    • Biofibre hair is made with materials Approved by CE, FDA, etc. for medical use
    • Biofibre hair is biocompatible and well tolerated by the skin tissue
    • Biofibre hair is made with inert materials, not harmful for the human body and produces a keratin plug which obstacles microbial agents from penetrating the pseudo-infundibulum
    • Biofibre hair is resistant to flexing and tensile stress , does not break and allows a long-lasting aesthetic effect, as well as for the removal of the fibre, if needed
    • Biofibre hair have a special reversible knot, which ensures an excellent strength of the implant and, in case of need, allows complete fibre removing without leaving scars
    • Biofibre hair is soft, flexible, fine and strongly resistant, all features that favours a fast cicatrisation and offers a perfect and long-lasting aesthetic result
    • Biofibre hair is identical to natural hair: it is available in different colours,lengths and styles (straight, wavy, curly)

Biofibre Hair Implant is a procedure for baldness (alopecia) solutions performed by Dr Prashant Yadav a qualified plastic surgeon in order to guarantee the best and lasting aesthetic result.


Know the procedure of Biofibre Synthetic Hair Implant, Cost, Results and after effects of Nido Artificial Hair Transplant. Consult with best trichologist in Pune.The color and length are choosen according to remaining hair texture and preference of the patient.

First around 100 biofibres are implanted in the area of baldness to test any reactions. After 1 week if there are no reactions then remaining fibres are planted in single session under local anesthesia. There is no downtime and you can assume your normal work just after the procedure.

Why Biofibre Hair Implant

The choice of Biofibre Hair Implant technique is for all those persons who are willing to resolve their baldness (alopecia) problems Safely and Effectively, with an immediate and Long-Lasting Aesthetic Result.
It is very safe and effective method for treating baldness
Biofibre Hair Implantation is a non invasive treatment for baldness (alopecia)


  • Biofibre Hair Implant offers a high hair density in just a few hours with an immediate and natural aesthetic result , with the related psychological and physical wellness for the patient ;
  • Biofibre Hair Implant satisfies any aesthetic requirement , because Biofibre Artificial Hair is undetectable to natural hair, is available in different variations up to 21 colours, in different lengths(from 16 cm up to 45 cm) and in 3 different hairstyles (straight, wavy, curly) ;
  • Biofibre Hair Implant is a simple outpatient procedure that allows an active and sporty lifestyle immediately after implantation ;
  • Biofibre Hair Implant provides a gradual and progressive Hair Thickening, economically affordable ;
  • Biofibre Hair Implant requires no burdensome maintenance to keep the expected aesthetic result ;
  • Biofibre Hair Implant is not binding: it can be performed or stopped when desired and the implant can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments.
  • Biofibre Hair Implant is recommended for generalized hair Thinning, Androgenetic alopecia (baldness), Scarring alopecia, when required to Integrate other Hair Loss Techniques and whenever an Immediate Aesthetic Result or a High Hair Density is required.


Developed as the result of a long and thorough Medical and Scientific Research, the Biofibre Hair Implant is a light aesthetic surgery procedure, safe and effective that makes possible to obtain a high, completely natural Hair Thickening with an Immediate Aesthetic Result for Male and Female Baldness (alopecia).
Safety and Effectiveness of the Biofibre Hair Implant Procedure is guaranteed :

  • by the safety of raw materials used for Biofibre ® hair production that are all approved by FDA and CE for medical use ;
  • by CE 0373, TGA approval for Biofibre ® hair , that is a biocompatible and fully reversible Medical Device ;
  • by Implant Instruments devices that guarantee a perfect implant procedure and along-lasting Aesthetic Result ;

Advantages of Biofibre Hair Implant:

  • immediate and natural aesthetic result ;
  • high hair density in a few hours ;
  • a simple, quick, reversible, painless outpatient procedure ;
  • allows the patient to lead an active, sporty lifestyle even soon after the implant ;
  • provides a gradual and progressive hair thickening, economically affordable for everybody ;
  • requires no burdensome maintenance to maintain the desired aesthetic result ;
  • is NOT binding: it can be performed or stopped when desired and the implant can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments .

Disadvantages Of Biofibre Hair Implant:

  • It needs some small re-implants to maintain the aesthetic result achieved ;
  • It needs a suitable hygiene of the scalp ;
  • It is not recommended on sensitive patients to the pre-implant test or suffering from other scalp diseases.

Biofibre Hair Implant is a worthwhile Anti Aging procedure that consists of inserting under the anaesthetised lightly scalps a Biofibre hair until the desired result is obtained. It is recommended for Male and Female baldness (alopecia) at every patient age and whenever it is necessary to reinforce the Aesthetic Result obtained with other hair restoration Techniques.


What are the features that allowed Biofibre CE 0373/TGA marked to be Approved for implant?

Biofibre meets all the biocompatibility and safety requirements established by the International Standards on Medical Devices.

How is performed Biofibre Hair Implant?

The implant is a simple light surgery Procedure. It consists of introducing one Biofibre hair at a time until the desired density is obtained.

What does implanted hair look like and how is such hair treated?

Biofibre are aesthetically identical to natural hair. They should be maintained with hair quality products, just like natural hair. They do not lose their colour and should not be died with aggressive products. They are very resistant and do not break.

How long do I have to wait until a Biofibre implant is stabilized?

The final fixing of implanted Biofibre is completed 20- 30 days after the implant and will remain unchanged for a long period of time.

How many Biofibre hairs are implanted during each implant session?

Usually, 800-20 00 hairs are implanted per session depending on the area of the baldness

How frequently can Biofibre Hair Implant sessions be held?

Implant sessions can be repeated every 15-20 days. The rule is that every implant can be performed only on healthy scalp.

Can I have a Biofibre Hair Implant after autologous hair transplantation?


I wear a wig: can I have a Biofibre Hair Implant?

Yes, an implantation with Biofibre hair starts from the nape, and then the portion of wig corresponding to the implanted area is eliminated from time to time, as the newly implanted area must always remain free to be rapidly healed.

How long will the aesthetic result of a Biofibre Hair Implant last?

The duration of the aesthetic result obtained with a Biofibre hair implant varies depending on the correct management of the post-implant period. There is an annual loss of approximately 10 % of the implanted fibers.

How many Biofibre hairs are necessary for a generalized hair loss?

Approximately 2,500 Biofibre hairs are sufficient to obtain a good aesthetic result.