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After Procedure

After The Procedure

You can play Golf a week after our Hair Transplant.

Non-strenous Gym Training after 1 weeks

Swimming after a month

Most people resume work after 2 to 3 days.

We wash your hair the next day.


General Aftercare

How to Shampoo

Prevent Infection

Work & Activity

Follow Up

General Aftercare

First 24 Hours

We provide the first-24-Hours All-Round Backup after your procedure. Please follow our instruction to get the best result. Call the 24 Hours Number for any concern.


Generak aftercare

  • Do not over eat the night after surgery
  • It is normal to feel a bit nausea
  • Can eat anything but not too salty for 3 days to reduce swelling of the forehead

Getting into Cars

  • Be careful when you get into a car!
  • Make sure your head will not hit the door rim or the roof – transplanted grafts can be dislodged
  • For the same reason beware of the cupboard door


  • there is no need to sleep on sofa or chair
  • Just sleep normally in bed
  • If any discomfort lying on pillow, just roll a towel under your neck or use a neck pillow
  • Take some pain-killer before sleep also helps

Pain Control

  • Discomfort after FUE hair transplant is minimal
  • We provide simple pain-killers, to be taken as required
  • donor wound will heal in one week time

Our Head Band

  • The scalp is closed to the bone. Working on the scalp may injury the deep seated nerves and blood vessels
  • Damage is prevented by injecting our specially prepared fluid called Tumescence to lift up the scalp, away from the bone
  • 3 days after surgery this fluid may drain down to the forehead and around the eyes
  • Once happens, takes at least a week to settle.
  • Wear our specially-designed headband for 5 days – most of our patients don’t have eye swelling.


The above recommendations only apply to our patients. If you have a procedure in another center please ask your doctor for his own protocol. Different centers use different techniques so our protocol will not fit everyone.

How To Shampoo

Before FUE Hair Transplant Procedure | Dezire Clinic Pune

Improper Hairwash Affects Graft Survival

We strive to get the best possible result for you, taking care of every single step. A transplanted hair needs 7 days to re-establish blood supply. It is very fragile in this 7 days, easily damaged. Improper hair wash will have an adverse effect on the graft survival and final outcome.

Good Hair Wash Is An Important Part of Our Protocol

All our staff are trained how to wash hair for the patients.
The next day after hair transplant, we will demonstrate how to do it yourself at home.


Scabs are the tiny bit of skin tissue carried by the transplanted hair. The scabs first appear as red dots over the scalp right after the procedure. Over the next few days the scabs will dry up as brown crust over the recipient sites.
Proper and regular will easily remove scabs. We will teach you how to do it. If left alone, the scalp may look unsifghtly and also become itchy

Recommended Shampoo

For first 3 days wash your head gently with any shaving foam .after that use baby shampoo twice daily for first 3 weeks

How To Prevent Infection

What You Should Do Before Surgery

  • If you have diabetes, first consult your family doctor to well control the blood sugar level.
  • Quit or cut down on smoking.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo the night before procedure.

What You Should Do First 2 Weeks After Surgery

  • Avoid strenous exercise.
  • Avoid wearing a hair piece or tight helmet.
  • Wash hair twice a day.
  • Finish all the antibiotics as instructed

What You Should NOT Do First 2 Weeks After Surgery

    • Strenous exercise and excessive sweating
    • Wear a hair piece continuously for over 10 hours per day
    • Not washing your hair

Work & Activties

Wearing Hat or Banada Same Day on Discharge
Indoor Activities Next Day (Day 1)
Shopping, Dining Out Next Day (Day 1)
Hair Wash at Home Day 2 (Day 1 we shampoo for you)
Travel by Plane Day 2 (We had patients leaving that same evening)
Office Work Day 2
Exercise After 1 week
Golf After 1 week
Hair Styling Gel / Spray After 1 week
Wearing Hairpiece / Wig After 1 month
Growth serum/Minoxidil After 14 days
Hair Cut / Dye After 4 weeks;
Strenous Exercise (weight lifting, soccer) After 2 weeks
Swimming (pool or beach) After 4 weeks
Sauna After 3 – 4 months


Due to inconvenience in inter-state or overseas travelling, many patients would not return for follow up. Routine postoperative follow-up is not regarded as a must by many experienced hair transplant surgeon. Those who are from nearby place we encourage the locals to return for follow-up, to discuss any concern arises. Our team would be happy to provide all necessary care through this recovering period. We provide free follow-up up after the procedure.

Our Recommended Schedule for Local Patients

      • Next day after procedure.
      • 14 days after for graft checking and donor healing.
      • 1 month after, checking for shock loss and folliculitis.
      • 4 month after, progress of hair growth.
      • 9 months after, checking on final result. May plan for the second procedure if necessary.
      • 18 months after, for those 10% of patients with slow growth.

About The Follow-Up

      • Actually with FUE we do not anticipate any major problems or complications.
      • Don’t worry if you are overseas and cannot attend.
      • The most difficult time is the first 4 months after procedure, when you see nothing
      • You have a chance to voice out any concern. We will answer all questions you have in mind
      • Appointment is required for all follow-ups

Compare Your Before & After

      • Pictures will be taken before and after the procedure for record.
      • At 12th months we will compare the before and after pictures together with you.
      • This is most useful and objective way to judge the result of our work.

Overseas Visitors!

They can contact by whatspp/email/skype /phone etc as per there convenience


The following recommendations only apply to our patients. Different centers use different techniques. If you have a procedure in another center please ask your doctor for his own hairwash protocol.